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Hello Everyone

Nowadays everyone wants to become a hacker just because you listen most of the time in movies and web series about hacking and other activities related to hacking. Your curiosity is to Become a Hacker or want to hack your friend’s phone. Your curiosity is appreciated but sometimes it’s too dangerous/risky for both of you because you want to get access to your friend’s phone.

“Privacy: Seems Like Eating and Breathing is one of life’s basic requirements”

That is possible to HACK THE PHONE but hackers did it their own ways securely. Sometimes you have no idea about what to do, but your curiosity is too strong so you find different ways to hack the phone. There is a possible way to hack but you need to be aware about all such things which are working in the background.

Many YouTubers ask to download such a third-party software to HACK THE PHONE but this software takes permission related to you & your Phone’s security. The phone has different settings which are used to secure your sensitive data and prevent malicious software.

“Security used to be a difficulty some times, but now it’s a necessity all the time”


To install the APK file on the phone there are different conditions and requirements to work properly.


1.Disable Google Play Protect2.Enable Unknown Source3.Disable Scan devices for security threat
Enable Settings

You need to give Access:

1.access your calendar? and record videos?3.your Contacts?4.Device Location?5.Record Audio?6.Manage phone call logs?7.send and view SMS messages?8.Access Photos, Media, And Files on Your devices?

After completion of this process, they have all privileges to take over the victim’s Administrative account, read all files, and record all things which are done in the victim’s phone(Sensitive data, Password etc.).

The victim isn’t even aware that HE HAS BEEN HACKED because all permission given by you to

  • hide the APK icon
  • all notifications
  • delete all download files related to Software(WiFi).
  • Disable Battery Consumption in setting
  • Disable Data Used in setting

‘When you say, ‘ I have nothing to hide from someone, ‘You’re Saying, ‘I Don’t care about this Right,

Identify if you have been hacked :

  • Your device is slowing down, Heating up , and draining the battery for no reason.
  • Your contacts receive messages you never sent from your phone.
  • Sluggish performance.
  • Your data usage increases without you doing anything.
  • You notice a new app you didn’t install and the antivirus software has been uninstalled from your phone.
  • Your phone settings changed.
  • Phone reboots without reason, may not shut down at all.
  • Unusual activity on any accounts linked to the victim device.

How To Remove Malicious Apps:

For Android: Third-party apps tamper with the device’s administrator settings to give itself core app permissions so it can’t be uninstalled normally.

  • Go to Settings =>Security => Device Administrators
  • Find the Any suspicious apps
  • Uncheck the box
  • Choose “Deactivate”
  • Select OK
  • Return to Apps or Go to Application Manager to uninstall

Reset or Restore your Device: iOS

  • Go to Settings= > Go to General => Then Reset Malicious app Data
  • Click “erase all ” related to the Malicious App.
  • Restart your Phone.

“Digital Security is an individual’s responsibility, Always ensure your devices are secure from hackers”

Protect Your Phone From Hackers :

Verify an app is safe or not :

you’ll find the Play Protect badge underneath the progress bar, always check that the app has been “Verified by Play Protect” and is safe to install at the time of install.

  • Downloads Apps from Google play store.
  • Do not Download Unverified APKS.
  • Enable “Encrypt your Phone” Feature.
  • Regularly Update your Android OS.
  • Do not ROOT Android unless confident.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi — and don’t broadcast yourself in public Wi-Fi.
  • Only install apps via the official app store.
  • Don’t click on suspicious links in email or social media, and don’t download suspicious attached files.
  • Install antivirus software and keep it (and other apps) updated
  • Use a VPN
  • Use a PIN or other protection on your phone.

“At the end of the day, The goals are simple: Safety and Security”



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